When it comes to the PC gaming world, there is often a battle of developers pushing the latest and greatest versions of their titles and fans wanting to play the original, which made them fans in the first place. Whether it is in the form of legacy servers or just a new release on Steam, it is not always easy for the creators to go back that far. During the ceremonies of BlizzCon, however, it seems Blizzard didn’t want to leave Diablo players out in the cold any longer.

The first Diablo was a classic that was scary and full of adventure in a medieval world. Blizzard is now letting old fans and new experience this gem again with a recreation. While this remake will exist inside of Diablo III, it will still hold true all of the look and feel of the original game.

To keep the aesthetic familiar, the new Diablo I will feature original music from the game. It will also feature all of the original four bosses, that includes the franchise’s namesake, or “big red at the bottom” as they worded it. There will even be filters put in to make the visuals look like the pixelated ones of old. This original Diablo will be available to all characters in the third installment and will be on the Public Test Realm next week.

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