DICE is responsible for some beautiful games like Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars Battlefront. Apparently, they can do more than make beautiful games, and have won what is probably one of the weirdest awards Sweden has to offer: Best Looking Office.


DICE won the contest once before, in 2011, when the contest was first imagined by Local News. According to the Local News swedish website, DICE recieved their prize in the form of a glass guitar autographed by artist Michael Axen Brant. The team argues about where to put their strange new award, trying to decide between the bar, the reception hall, and the room where they keep all their other rewards.

The company won the award for their new office in Fatburen on Södermalm, and the choice was made because, “This year’s winner is breathing playfulness, creativity, innovation and courage. Courage to test new solution both visually and functionally rhymes with the company’s ambitions to be leading in the world. This is a office for a company willing and dare to go big.”

The office is large, including rec rooms, a bar, large reception areas, and a balcony with an amazing view. DICE talks about how the office was built specifically for their line of work, and much energy it takes to run and heat, but says they have special solutions to make the space more efficient.


Second place won a free aquarium rental for a year, which reveals some interesting things about Sweden and their contests.

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