When a game becomes available for nothing, it is often worth a look. This must be said about off-road racer Dirt 3 which you can now download for free from Humble Bundle. Dirt 3 is brought to us by veteran developers Codemasters, along with Feral Interactive, and is the ninth installment in the Colin McRae Rally game series. The game crosses the globe with varied courses, and spans 50 years of motor racing. It also comes with local and online multiplayer modes to bring extra excitement.

Dirt 3: Complete Edition is on offer right now, but only for a limited time. The Complete Edition extends the standard edition’s substance, with seven additional content packs, including cars such as the Ford Escort Mark II and BMW M3 Rally Edition, and tracks, including Monte Carlo and a race around Tokyo.

The offer is only good through 1pm ET tomorrow, Saturday November 12.

The Dirt series currently has some stiff competition in the racing market. Forza Horizon 3, for example, has been well received by gamers and critics alike. Off-roading is a big part of that game, so Dirt 3 being on offer for free may be the developers trying to catch some of that market fever, and bring people to its own brand of racing. The game is available to download on your Windows 10 PC or Mac until tomorrow.

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