Despite hitting gold status, Square Enix is still developing additional improvements for Final Fantasy XV before its Nov. 29 launch. Announced on the game’s Twitter account, the game will include extra features available as an automatic download on the day of launch.

Further details on the update will be revealed next week on Monday, November 21. The game was initially slated for a September release, but was delayed to fix issues with bugs and glitches.

In other related news, the game’s PlayStation 4 Pro support was detailed recently. Similar to other utilization of the PS4 Pro hardware, Final Fantasy XV will include multiple graphical options according to user preference.

A Japanese only demo called Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc recently launched, which will lets players play the opening of the game until the midway point of the first episode. The estimated playtime of the demo is estimated around an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Upon completing the demo, players will be able to see bonus footage. Players will not be able to carry save data from the demo into the full game.

Final Fantasy XV will be release on PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One on November 29. Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the game’s launch.

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