Although the Final Fantasy XV demo, Judgement Disc, has been reportedly troubled by many bugs, director Hajibe Tabata promises these will be fixed.

In a series of tweets, Hajibe Tabata lays out his response to user concerns that Final Fantasy XV has a worrying number of bugs (Japanese has been translated by Gematsu):

“We are already fixing them and plan to offer an update to users able to apply patches. Please rest assured that we will identify the frequency of the bugs and make fixes as needed. … We took two months to completely get rid of bugs as not to obstruct everyone who purchases the game from playing it and reaching the ending. The fact that we are getting high praise for the demo can be said to be the fruit of our labor.

“Even so, while it is difficult to fix everything down to the smallest bugs, we will deal with it via an amendment patch. Since it is impossible to get rid of the bugs in an open-world game in short time with our current technology, please understand that we will fix them at a steady pace.

“The freedom-of-play gameplay style offers huge variation. And while there are sets of rules as to how you play, the combination of the things you can do in the open-world is too great for our own understanding. However, development is evolving every day. Please stick with us for a long time!”

Whether the full game will have these issues remains to be seen, but at least we know that Tabata doesn’t intend to hang players out to dry. Final Fantasy XV comes out November 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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