It is many a child’s dream to work outdoors in control of massive machines. For the people the world over who fantasize about a career in heavy industry, thanks to UIG Entertainment, that dream can become a (virtual) reality. Forestry 2017 has been released on PlayStation 4.

Previously released on Steam, the woodcutting simulation can now be purchased for PS4. In the same vein as the Farming Simulator series, the game presents you with a wide variety of tools and vehicles for you to utilize, as you play to expand your business. From the everyday lumberjack staple of the chainsaw, right through to the huge tree harvester, the game promises to allow players to work their way up in the industry to become a successful and profitable logger.

UIG Entertainment, the team behind the game, are a German based developer who has plenty of previous experience in the simulation games genre. Titles such as Professional Farmer and Airport Architect round out their library, and show that they enjoy bringing players into a world that would not normally be accessible to the everyday person. Forestry 2017 continues that theme, boasting a 1st and 3rd person mode as well as “unique character leveling system and extensive worker management.”

Forestry 2017: The Simulation is available now on PlayStation 4 for $39.99 via the PlayStation Store.

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