It is hard to deny that the original Halo: Combat Evolved has made a huge impact on the video game industry as a whole. I am not just talking about the success of the franchise either. It may not have been the first First Person Shooter, but it did create a huge surge in the genre with the addition of large maps, vehicles, and much more. This week 343 Industries is celebrating 15 years of this miraculous franchise.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 15th, 343 Industries will be hosting a livestream of Halo 5 to celebrate the milestone that is 15 years of this great series. If you don’t find it funny enough that the 15th anniversary is taking place on November 15th, perhaps you’ll be satisfied with the fact that the livestream is beginning at 3:43 pm (har har).

In addition, there will be more great news and content coming for Halo 5 soon. This includes playlist updates coming out around the holidays and something super special, but also super secret, from Halo Gear. Check out the post on the official site for Halo for more details surrounding the 15th anniversary, upcoming tournaments, and more.

We are proud to have had Master Chief and others in our lives for this long. Let’s hope it keeps on coming.

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