The reboot of the Hitman series is one that fans have been waiting for during the last few years. Square Enix and Io Interactive have done a great job in putting Agent 47 back to work and making players feel like real guns for hire. Now that season one is complete, questions of the future have come to the forefront. For now, those question can be put to rest.

It has been confirmed that Hitman was enough of a success that development for a second season has already begun. This is great news, not only for loyal fans, but also for new ones brought in by the episodic format. This information was confirmed by an interview with Gamergen. This may be a French website, but a rusty translation from Google was enough to give us the news.

Like season one, the second season of Hitman will take Agent 47 to locations all around the world. There will be both new and old areas, but the the one seen in season one may get a bit of a touch up. For example, it was hinted that players may return to Paris, but this time during the holidays, giving the city a festive aura. Elusive Targets will also return.

While no confirmation date was given, be sure to check back in with Gamespresso to find out more about Hitman season two.

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