Indie studio Mizar Games has officially moved their sci-fi MMO Nebula Online out of Steam Early Access. The game can be played across multiple platforms (PC and mobile) and features three different types of solar systems, real time PvP battles, three playable races, as well as an economy that players can control.

Nebula Online gives players an infinite universe to explore and the ability to takeover territories and vote for leaders. The game also supports both Steam’s trading card system and their Cloud saving feature.

The game’s official Steam page provides addition information on the game and what players can expect for the it. It states, “This Sci-Fi game is set within a 3 race-populated galaxy where players face a global conflict for universe domination. Openly alter space and explore the universe to find resource fields, abandoned stations and habitable planets. Be aware of the defiant enemies who will challenge your power and get armed to beat their vile armies. Conclude alliances, collect troops of like-minded soldiers and lead them to an overwhelming victory over your rivals in your quest to conquer the whole universe!”

Nebula Online is available on PC and Mac with versions also available on mobile. The Xbox One version of the game is currently in development and will be released soon.

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