Pokemon GO looks to be getting a massive update with some 100 Pokemon being added to the game, including legendaries, very soon.

As the good people at Pokemon GO tracking system PokeVS and game fansite The Silph Road have both found through datamining the game’s recent updates, December is likely to be huge for the hit mobile game. There is evidence of the entire Johto League (gen. 2) catalog of Pokemon, and both gen. 1 and 2 legendary Pokemon, being added to the game.

 Equally exciting are the inclusion of direct Player vs. Player Pokemon battles (no longer are gyms required for battling!), raising Pokemon hatched from eggs, and trading of Pokemon. 

While we can’t know the specifics of these features yet, and they will likely be somewhat more limited than players would like (Nintendo and developer Niantic both have a reputation for lagging a bit when it comes to multiplayer; “Friend Codes”, anyone?), it’s still a massive and exciting update. And its timing is perfect, coinciding with the holiday season, when people are looking to make purchases and will have more time at home to spend on a game like Pokemon GO. (And given the weather, people may be more prone to buying items than taking walks.)

Whenever these features release, it looks like it’s going to be soon. Pokemon GO is available for free on iPhone and Android now.

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