If you are a member of the Sony subscription PS Now, then November has plenty in store for you. PS Now is the PlayStation version of Xbox Backwards Compatibility and allows subscribers to stream PS3 titles to their PlayStation 4 or a Windows 10 PC on demand.

There are currently 450 classic games available on the service, and announced via the PlayStation Blog, this month sees 25 new titles added to the list.

PS Now subscription starts at $19.99/£12.99 for a month, and boasts an ever increasing back catalog. Highlights of what is already part of the service include The Last of Us, God of War III, and Heavy Rain. Indie games also feature as part of the content, and this month sees skateboarding cult classic Olli Olli as well as action platform-puzzle Trine join the list.

PS Now may sound promising, but it is not to be considered the Netflix of computer gaming. Taking Naughty Dog’s masterpiece “The Last of Us” as an example, due to the nature of the service, you won’t be blown away by the picture quality or frame rate, even if you access your modem via a wired connection. Streaming games that have pushed boundaries in terms of atmospheric graphics and landscapes are probably not best appreciated via streaming. You may be hard pushed to justify the monthly bill of PS Now unless you are really into some of the PS3 titles that are on offer. Even with the 25 latest additions bringing the catalog to over 450 games, there are probably only a finite number of titles on the list that would cater to your particular taste.

With that being said, PS Now does offer a broad variety of games across many genres, from racing to beat-em-up and everything in between. Perhaps as new games are added monthly, the service could catch your eye. For now however you may be better off saving your money for a couple of months to purchase the latest game that comes on to the market.

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