Beginning next month, Rocket League will feature Steam Workshop support, allowing players to upload and download custom levels straight through Steam.

It’s possible to use mods in Rocket League right now, but it’s not as easy as most people would like it to be. Currently, you need to go through the hassle of modifying some of the game’s files before mods will even work. Steam Workshop support will go a long way toward making it very accessible for all players. Creators will be able to upload their work to Rocket League’s Steam Community page, where players can subscribe to them and add them to their game. Once in the game, you will access them through the Workshop Levels feature.

This update won’t make it any easier to actually create mods for Rocket League, however, as it doesn’t add any official mod tools. But the people who are willing to put in the work will now be able to reach a much larger audience since their creations will be much easier to find and use.

The Steam Workshop support will be available to Steam players whether they are on PC, Mac, or Linux. There is no word on whether or not mod support will ever come to consoles.

Developer Psyonix still has more details to share in the coming weeks about what else is included in the December update, but no specific date was given as to when we will hear more.

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