You may not have heard of Vince Zampella, but chances are that you have played and enjoyed one of his creations. He is the man that has helped shape the FPS genre, and is the brains behind legendary titles such as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and the Titanfall games. In a recent interview with, he talked through what he thought makes a great shooter game, and also gives a clue towards the possibility of a third visit to the Titanfall series.

When asked if Respawn Entertainment would make another Titanfall, his response was, “We’d definitely like to tell more of the story and the universe. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll explore more of it.” This was backed up by a comment from Devin Bennett, a publicist for EA who agrees that the company is “Committed to the franchise.”


The next release from Respawn will be a Star Wars based third person action/adventure game. Zampella believes that good gameplay and a strong connection to the characters are more important to him than delivering high end visuals. Very few details are revealed about the collaboration between Lucas-Arts and Respawn as yet, but with the talent that the studio possesses, it would be understandable to be excited by the prospect already.

Vince Zampalla split with Infinity Ward publicly and bitterly, and that is touched upon in the interview. He clearly feels some animosity towards the studio. The proximity of Titanfall 2’s release and the latest Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare, is something that is not lost on him. His opinion is that, “They’re [Infinity Ward and Activision] repackaging my old game that I built, on a brand that I built. So it’s kind of like you’re throwing it all against me.” He also states that he hasn’t played one of their games since Modern Warfare 2 (he was still part of the studio for that game) but he concedes he will have a try at Infinite Warfare at some point, if not but to check out the competition to his new creation.

Titanfall 2 has had rave reviews from critics and players alike. With Vince Zampalla on board, Titanfall 3 is a possibility that we can all start to look forward to.

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