A patch has been released for Watch Dogs 2 that fixes a number of bugs and glitches on the console versions of the game.

Ubisoft has pushed out Title Update 1.04 to fix a few issues in Watch Dogs 2. The patch does not fix the online issues that the game has been facing, but it does deal with a few of the console version’s issues. You can see the fixes below:

  • Emote Wheel Swap (Xbox Box 1/PlayStation 4) – Bug where emotes and weapon wheel become intermixed is now fixed.
  • Explicit NPC Model (XB1/PS4) – We’ve updated one NPC model that was previously explicit. Nudity on other male and female NPCs has not been changed.
  • Phone app disappears (XB1/PS4) – Some players encountered a bug causing their phone apps to disappear. The fix will recover the missing apps.
  • Graphics / Low FPS / Nudle (XB1/PS4) – Framerate during the “Limp Nudle” mission has been improved.
  • Graphics / Low FPS / PRO – PS4 Pro performance should be improved with this patch

Watch Dogs 2 placed second on the UK’s video games sales chart. The game was unable to topple Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from the top spot. Rounding out the top 5 was FIFA 17 at 3rd, Battlefield 1 at 4th, and WWE 2K17 at 5th. Next week’s sales chart is expected to feature the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which may knock Infinite Warfare out of the top spot.

Watch Dogs 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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