The dinosaur rich, dangerous island of the Ark has been seeing players crafting, taming and exploring on the PC and Xbox One for some time now. But PlayStation 4 users can now get in on the action, as Ark: Survival Evolved has finally arrived for the console.

Sony, as a rule, don’t allow Early Access titles on their machine, hence why it has taken so long for the PlayStation version to become available. Studio Wildcard had to prove that the game was close to the final release before it got the green light. With the help of their partners at Abstraction Games, they have achieved what was required to meet the launch specifications. The full “content complete” version will still not be ready until next spring, but the Ark: Survival Evolved Survivors Pack (as its known on PS4) is pretty much the finished article, minus a few extra things that are already planned for implementation.

A major bonus for console players over the PC, is the added function of split-screen play. Working as part of a friendly tribe is a very efficient way to succeed in the game. The hostile island is a challenging enough environment without having to deal with unruly players on a server as well. The new PS4 version matches the Xbox One capability in this respect. If you are lucky enough to play the game on the PlayStation 4 Pro, you will have the added bonus of even higher definition graphics and extremely smooth running gameplay.

Plenty is in store for the successful survival game in the next few months. Studio Wildcard states that a new Tek tier is to be introduced, as well as a massive overhaul of the (very dangerous) cave systems found throughout the map. This will also be backed up by an increase to the already large roster of wild creatures.

It has been a long time coming for PlayStation owners. Now the game has arrived, you can happily waste away plenty of hours gathering those precious narcoberries needed to tame your chosen beasts, and enjoy all that the title has to offer on the PS4.

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