BioWare is celebrating the season of gift-giving by giving away gifts until Christmas.

On December 19th, BioWare tweeted the following:

Several sources claim that Mass Effect 2 either was listed as free on Origin around the time of the tweet or that it was leaked as a potential freebie. However, as of writing, both the standard and deluxe editions of the game are listed at $19.99 and $29.99 respectively. Mass Effect 2 might have been free only for a limited time or it might have been accidentally made free ahead of schedule.

The first gift in the “five days of freebies” is a contest to win a plush of the genetically engineered krogan Grunt. Gamers who want to win the nine-inch tall plush (valued at $39.99) have to retweet the tweet announcing the giveaway.

The original tweet is vague and has caused much confusion and speculation, not helped by Mass Effect 2 temporarily going free on Origin. Sites such as Polygon, that reported the initial 100% price drop, state that the game was not listed in Origin’s “On the House” program but was instead “listed as ‘100 percent off’ through EA’s service.” Other sites like Gamespot report that the giveaway consists of five free games, not unlike Ubisoft’s recent 30th Anniversary giveaway, even though this is clearly not the case.

Mass Effect 2 might be relisted as free later on in the week as the “five days of freebies” continues or it might just turn out to have been a glitch that started a rumor. Either way, continue to visit Gamespresso for more information on this giveaway.

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