If you haven’t heard the good news yet, a new Friday the 13th video game is being made. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the developers have been hard at work making excellent gameplay while putting in references and style that stay true to the spirit of the series. After watching the latest trailer from Gun Media, Friday the 13th fans will be completely sold.

After seeing a frightened preppy teenager calling for help on the radio, a mysterious stranger shows up at Crystal Lake with a rifle on his back. The mysterious stranger is none other than Tommy Jarvis. For those who are not as well versed in the Friday the 13th franchise, Tommy Jarvis is considered by some to be the one true nemesis of the undead slasher, Jason Voorhees.

Tommy was the main protagonist for numerous Friday the 13th films, but was later dropped when the series was rebooted. Since the newly developed game is paying homage to some of the earlier 80’s films, it only makes sense to bring the character back. From what we can tell, it seems Tommy will be a playable character under certain conditions. Most likely similar to a Hero character in Star Wars Battlefront. Once Friday the 13th The Game is released, we will know much more.

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