Nintendo has a handful of first party franchises under their belt that have numerous amazing titles. These franchises have spanned across many generations and just keep growing. The Big N has always done their best to make sure the older games are still readily available to every who has purchased their recent consoles. Evidently, this trademark will continue with the latest, Nintendo Switch.

I remember being a young lad and seeing trailers for Gamecube games before the console was released, specifically Luigi’s Mansion. I was blown away by the graphics and the simplicity of the hardware design. It’s hard to believe that was two generations and over 15 years ago. With the Nintendo Switch coming out next March, sources are saying that not only will it have a Virtual Console, but it will feature Gamecube games.

Part of this is due to the clear upgrade of power from the Wii U to the Nintendo Switch. Also, with Super Smash Bros. Melee being one of the games to be available, it will help the long standing eSports title be more accessible. There is no word yet on if the NES, SNES, and others will be available on the virtual console, but we will most likely have some way of playing the original Super Mario Bros on the latest console once again.

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