Over the past year of betas and Early Access, fans of Paragon have done everything and anything to give the developers at Epic all the information they needed to make the game as great as possible. Now they have taken all that information and put it into the latest update for the action packed MOBA. The Monolith update is turning Paragon into a whole new game.

Being released tomorrow, December 6th, the Monolith update is completely free and is changing the entire pace of Paragon. The goal is to make everything faster and filled with more action. To make this work, several major changes are being put into place. First, every Hero has been changes to move and act faster. Travel Mode no longer exists, but it will serve as proper balance to having everything in a Hero move quicker than before.

Also, the new map, Monolith, is about 30% smaller than the original Paragon map, which will now be known as Legacy when used. Monolith is also more asymmetrical, creating more dynamic lanes for the heroes and allowing for more skillful plays.

There are a lot more changes coming to Paragon with the Monolith update, so be sure to check out the announcement here. The MOBA is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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