Sony has announced it is currently working on a new project. The announcement was made on the Japanese PlayStation blog and was later translated by the news website, Gadgetry. Codenamed, Project Field, the project is intended to bring interactive experiences to mobile devices. One of the genres that seems to be a large focus of this new project is collectable card games.

In the announcement, Sony revealed a small, pad like devices that can be paired with smart phones and other mobile devices such as tablets. The pad will be capable of detecting the exact the position of cards placed on it and send that information to these devices using Bluetooth. The cards themselves will also be both readable and writable, allowing for in-game stats to be saved onto them.

The first title that is currently in development for Project Field is based on the popular franchises, Yokai Watch. This new project would allow physical collectible card games to incorporate many of the gameplay mechanics that digital games such as Hearthstone currently utilize, but are not possible in physical card games.

Sony Project Field

This is not the first time that Sony has worked on projects such as this. Eye of Judgement, a game similar to Project Field was released on the PlayStation 3 back in October of 2007. This turn based collectible card game utilized the PlayStation Eye and gamemat that were bundled with the game to display any creatures or spells that were played by players.

As on now, Project Field is scheduled to release in Japan, but with the popularity of games such as Hearthstone and other physical to digital toys, such as amiibos, we could see this device come to other regions.

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