It has been announced that Stardew Valley is coming to the PlayStation 4.

It was announced on the PlayStation Blog that the hit RPG will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 on December 13th in North America, and December 14th in Europe.

In Stardew Valley, players inherit their grandfather’s old farm, and move away from the city to start a new life. Over time, players will gain new skills as they learn to live off the land. Players are able to make friends with the locals, and even start a family with one of twelve possible romance options.

It was revealed last week that Stardew Valley will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Developer ConcernedApe had decided to drop the possibility of a Wii U release, and decided to bring the game to the Switch instead. The developer stated: “Looking at Wii U and the current gaming landscape, we made the difficult choice to shift our development efforts to creating a version for Nintendo Switch. I am really looking forward to the Switch, and I believe that the Switch’s unique capabilities could create some exciting opportunities for Stardew Valley. I do want to emphasize that I am absolutely committed to seeing Stardew Valley on Nintendo platforms, and I really do appreciate your support and understanding in this.”

Stardew Valley is available now on PC. Along with the PlayStation 4 port, the game will be coming to the Xbox One soon as well.

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