Every true warrior has demons that they must face. Obstacles on their journey to be the best. Many times these demons live inside of them and must be faced with more than brute strength. Sometimes, however, the demon is less complicated then that. It is a true monster trying to destroy us. For Ryu and the other warriors of Street Fighter V, this demon is a manifestation of evil known as Akuma.

In an announcement trailer from Capcom, it was revealed that Akuma would finally be making his debut on December 20th. All of his iconic moves will be arriving to Street Fighter V with him, including a new and frightening version of the Raging Demon special attack. As an added bonus, he won’t be coming alone.

You can preoder the new Street Fighter V Character Pack today for $29.99. Not only will you get Akuma on December 20th, but you’ll also get 5 additional characters that are completely new to the series. Could the demon be bringing some evil students? Will Ryu get some more good guys to stay by his side? We’ll have to wait bit longer to find out.

Street Fighter V is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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