During last night’s Nintendo Switch Presentation, the company announced one of the system’s flagship launch titles, 1-2 Switch. The game takes full advantage of the system’s Joy-Con controllers, which feature advanced motion control and HD rumble technology. These new features will play a prominent role in the game and show gamers the possibilities that these controllers can bring to future titles.

A trailer for the game appeared during the presentation which shows off the game’s competitive and immersive gameplay. The activities themselves seem to span from shootouts and sword fights to shaving.

1-2 Switch will give gamers a new prospective in terms of how they play games and interact with others. Nintendo states that the game can be played without focusing on the screen, but instead on what your opponent is doing. This introduces a new layer of strategy during gameplay.

The game can be played on both a TV or the Nintendo Switch’s Portable screen allowing you to take it anywhere. The company hopes that the game becomes a staple for parties, giving guests an opportunity to break the ice while also making new friends along the way. 1-2 Switch is set to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd of this year.

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