Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to have some fresh DLC added, entitled Expansion III: Last Stand. New information outlining the content for the expansion has released, detailing how Last Stand will have players competing in session-based, objective driven combat within the Dark Zone for the first time.

In a post on The Division’s web page, developers Ubisoft explain that the Dark Zone will now be explored in more detail in PvP, 8v8 combat scenarios that will also involve the classic PvE elements of the area. There will be clear victory objectives to fight for in the form of SHD Tech Data Relays that rogue agents are trying to capture. Ubisoft also tells us that a new Incursion will be part of the update, and the new separate PvP combat arena is something players have been looking forward to for a long time.

Last Stand seems to be a giant step forward for The Division, adding much needed elements to the sinister Dark Zone area of New York. There will be elite agents guarding the central control point, as well as the usual NPC’s that spawn throughout the map. Previously, death in the Dark Zone would mean losing some of your assets. With Last Stand that is no longer a worry, as the teams of eight will be pushed into dramatic PvP encounters as a rule, across the four maps of the Dark Zone in what Ubisoft call “some of the best combat arenas in the game.”

Additional tweaks include being automatically queued for your next match without having to visit the main menu, matchmaking to take into account your recent performance as well as your current Gear Score, and Tactical Boost Stations which activate at key milestones during a match and allow you to gain an edge over your opponent.

All in all, Expansion III: Last Stand is shaping up to be a welcome addition to The Division. The various ways in which you can explore and compete throughout the foreboding Dark Zone will test players and their abilities like never before. It will be part of the Season Pass for the game, or can be purchased separately at a date that is yet to be revealed.

For further news surrounding The Division and this latest expansion be sure to check back to Gamespresso.

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