Naughty Dog has offered up small bits of information regarding Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy in an interview with PlayStation Magazine UK.

Shaun Escayg, creative director for the game says,“It [will] be tonally different, but in the same context of the Uncharted world. India’s got really nice iconography: hidden temples and weird deities we can play off of, so it’s a perfect setting for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.”

With a different protagonist than usual, the game was bound to be different, but playing as an Aboriginal woman when the game normally revolves around a white man will definitely shake things up. Nadine and Chloe will have their own dynamic, and hopefully the game touches on having two female non-white main characters in a healthy way.

They also state the the gameplay will be a bit different, as they are working with a more urban environment than what you see in more Uncharted games. They’re planning on have a more “tight” experience while keeping gameplay open and free.

The Lost Legacy is being touted as a story expansion, rather than DLC. Escayg explains, “It started as DLC, but we couldn’t find… well, we needed a longer time for the story to develop, and now I would say it’s a story expansion. That’s how we’re terming it.”

It seems The Lost Legacy will be bigger and nicer than your average DLC, and it’ll give players a whole new Uncharted experience.

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