During this year’s PlayStation Press Conference in Las Vegas, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai sat down to discuss the company’s overall performance during the previous year. Hirai says that sales of the PlayStation 4 were very strong even though the console was released four years ago.

He also talked about the overall sales performance of the PlayStation VR since its release in October of last year. During the conference, Hirai states that Sony’s VR headset is off to “a great start” and that, “though it’s not included in the numbers, PlayStation VR launched last October and gave us a great start also through the Holiday Season as well. So with PlayStation VR we’re able to provide you dramatic, transformational new gaming experience, and our ambitions for VR aren’t limited just to gaming.”

Along with a progress report, Hirai also discusses more content that will be coming to PlayStation VR in the future. A new VR experience was released by Sony Entertainment in collaboration with electronic musician Kygo. Titled, “Carry Me: the VR experience,” He states that, “Inspired by the hit song “Carry Me” by superstar electronic musician Kygo, this revolutionary new music experience transports you into a stunning visual world and immerses you within beautiful environments of oceans, forests, mountains, skies and a final epic sweep of the cosmos. Feel the incredible sensation of seamlessly floating upward as you continually scale larger throughout your journey into the world of Kygo. A true must see for music fans!”

The VR experience is now available on Sony’s PlayStation Store for $1.99.

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