Nintendo has released a video regarding the Nintendo Switch. In the video, Nintendo Minute hosts Kit and Krysta unbox a Nintendo Switch console.

The video plays out like most unboxing videos (aside from a running joke where Kit wants to smell the console). It starts by showing the surprisingly sleek and pretty Nintendo Switch box. The opening flap hides quick and easy instructions on how to set up the console and plug it into the television.

The contents of the box is divided between two separate trays. The first tray houses the Nintendo Switch console and the Joy-Con controllers. The console is extremely small and thin, approximately the size of an iPad. Kit and Krysta show where the volume control, power button, headphone jack, game card slot, kickstand, and microSD card slot are located on the console. After the pair finishes with the Switch console, they remove the Joy-Con controllers from the tray, show the audience the locations of IR motion camera and various buttons, and demonstrate how the controllers slide onto the console.

They then continue to the second tray. This tray contains documentation, the Nintendo Switch dock (which has two USB ports and a door that hides a third USB port, the AC adapter port, and the HDMI port), the Joy-Con straps, the Joy-Con grip, and the HDMI and AC adapter cables. Kit and Krysta also demonstrate how the Switch slides into the dock, how the straps attach to the controllers, how the controllers slide onto the grip, and how the AC adapter attaches to the console. Sadly, the video shows that, unlike the Wii and the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch does not come packaged with a free game.

The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release Nintendo 3rd.

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