The idea of controlling a white line through simply drawn laser-dodging levels might not sound much fun, but Flywrench, the new game from Messhof L.L.C. seems to have made the idea into a frustratingly addictive combination.

Announcing via the PlayStation Blog, the Los Angeles based team behind Flywrench has showcased their newest creation. The project has been in development for an astounding amount of time, since 2007 infact. Despite that, the premise of the game is simple. You pilot your “ship” through 199 levels of madness, avoiding colored laser beams, and activating switches to make it past the obstacles. An added bonus for players on the PlayStation 4 is the inclusion of Asteroid style levels to up the action even further. This is alongside what Messhof is calling, “pretty much the best game soundtrack ever.”

Elements of platform, puzzle and physics based mechanics have come together in Flywrench. The developers say that if you are a fan of games like Super Meat Boy or Olli Olli then this will be exactly the kind of diversion you will enjoy. Whether it be the Story Mode, Time Trial mode (which you can check your results across a global leaderboard) or the PS4 exclusive Asteroid levels as part of the Time Trial, then Flywrench has something for all fans of the genre.

Flywrench comes to the PlayStation Store from February 14th. It has been available on Steam since 2015, and in that time has received a “Very Positive” rating from users.

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