StarBlood Arena, the exciting space-themed virtual reality shooter from WhiteMoon Dreams, is coming to PlayStation VR April 11th. WhiteMoon Dreams has provided a more in-depth teaser for the game, with Scott Campbell introducing game mechanics and characters.

In StarBlood, you play as a pilot in your very own ship, trying to survive in a large arena that could win you glory and cash, or end you. “Test your mettle in furious arena combat as you move, evade, and attack in any direction against pilots from every corner of the galaxy. Fight for glory, credits, and your life as the StarBlood Network broadcasts every lawless match for the universe to see.”

You move through the 3D environment in VR, and use unique skills and abilities based on the character you choose. Customize your favorite character using the in-game currency “BloodBux” and make the arena your own.

Those that preorder can expect to get a free stack of cashm 10,000 BloodBux to be exact, a Steel Hercules skin for The Baron, a El Diablo Azul skin for Buck, and the Granny Granny Boom Boom skin for Alice.

StarBlood Arena comes out April 11th for PS VR, so get strapped in and prepare yourself for the blood sport.

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