Platform games seem to be the genre that never grows old. From the famous brands of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog to today’s gaming world, there always seems to be a place for the simple act of running and jumping. Dad Quest is a new platformer with a comedy twist. It’s just been given a launch trailer where we see the age old style of game given an original and funny spin.

Heading to Steam Early Access from indie developers Sundae Month, Dad Quest will be available to download from February 23rd. It was initially a Kickstarter  project, but now is ready for release. The original twist in this game is using your children as lethal weapons. They are there to aid you as you navigate and battle your way through the challenging levels. The pixelated graphical style is simple, yet effective. And if the launch trailer is anything to go by, the levels look testing to say the least.

The game will be available from $7.99, but buyers will receive a 25% discount if purchased in the first week. Using your kids as swords and missiles, your aim is to get dad through each level facing dangerous opponents, ranging from pigs to eggs. The launch trailer gives us a glimpse at the skill tree you can utilize, handing you new and amusing ways to deal destruction.

If Dad Quest looks and sounds like your kind of thing, you can check out the first gameplay trailer here. And you can also follow any latest news right here on Gamespresso.

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