Best Art

Game of the Year 2016: Best Art

Whether they are blowing us away with gorgeous, realistic graphics, or are an emotional, abstract painting of movement, some games are nothing less than stunning when it comes to visuals. Every virtual world we... Read More...
Game of the Year, Best story 2016

Game of the Year 2016: Best Story

Anyone that has ever sat down and played a game knows there is a very distinct difference between watching a story and playing one. Putting you and your choices right at the heart of the action, games have the ... Read More...
Best Soundtrack, Hyper Light Drifter, Firewatch, Dark Souls III

Game of the Year 2016: Best Soundtrack

With all the explosions, action, and gorgeous graphics, it's often easy to overlook one of a game's most important aspects: its soundtrack. Adding emphasis and ambience, but also helping define the experience, ... Read More...
The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian Review

Looking back at it now, it might be difficult for some modern gamers to fully understand the excitement that has surrounded The Last Guardian since Team ICO first announced it in 2009. Following the artistic tr... Read More...
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Review

Even if they all cite different games, almost every long-time Final Fantasy fan will tell you that somewhere along the way, the franchise lost a bit of its magic. With that in mind, Final Fantasy XV is Square E... Read More...