Far Cry 4 Preview: A Darker Future

Though the idea of open-world games has existed since the very advent of video-games, such games have only manifested into reality relatively recently. When asked to think of open-world games, The Elder Scrolls and Grand Theft Auto ostensibly seem to cover the great majority. And yet, as the genre has become more refined, so too […]

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The F1 Series Needs A Pit Stop

Releasing annual updates to a Formula One games is always going to be an interesting predicament in no small part due to the lack of changes in the real life counterpart. Seemingly, it’s a problem that Codemasters can no longer handle. Their F1 game series needs to pull up for a pit stop. When their […]

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The Grand Journey

Journey was an ostensibly a petite game released by the acclaimed studio ThatGameCompany nearly two years ago. And yet, it has remained with many people as one of the most unique and distinguished games of the modern era. A game in which players oftentimes pick up the controller and, three hours later, are awed reflecting […]

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