The Heist DLC has finally been released for GTA V. There are several issues regarding the DLC, however, in most cases Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners are experiencing server errors. Rockstar acknowledged the dilemmas players were experiencing and have begun working on a solution to the problem.

There’s a slight chance the servers could be acting strange, due to the large amount of people that are trying to access the content. After all, it’s safe to assume that one of the primary reasons most customers purchased Grand Theft Auto 5, is to participate in Heists online with friends and or people that they’ve met online. This has happened before with numerous games on release date, especially when they are distributed online.

The DLC is currently free and available for all players to download.

According to Rockstar, you’ll be able to keep tabs on what your online status is by going to your Rockstar Social Club account. It should say “up” if your account is available, and “limited” for those who are still going through trouble.

Will you be participating in any Heists? I know I will be.

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