From the developers of Bioshock and Deadspace, The Deep End Games is introducing their new horror game: Perception.

In Perception, you play as a strange protagonist for a horror game, a blind woman, Cassie. She arrives at a run-down mansion after tracking it down because of her recurring nightmares about the place, as if it was calling her. Cassie must use sound and her smartphone to navigate the mansion and discover the horrifying secrets within its walls.

The problem is, the player can only see when there’s noise, as Cassie uses noise to map out the room. Your own words and footsteps, an alarm going off, a hissing pipe, things you’re in control of and not in control of will effect how you “see” the world. The more noise you make in order to navigate, the higher the chances that something could find you.

“Sound is a major element to playing Perception. Every sound becomes a visual cue for the player, whether it be a hissing pipe or an alarm clock going off at an inopportune time — the more sound you make while exploring Echo Bluff, the greater your chance of grabbing the attention of the malevolent force inside the house.”, the Xbox press release teases.

Perception is looking to be a nice change of pace in horror, with new mechanics and interesting main characters. It’s coming soon to Xbox One, with more information coming closer to release.

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