GTA V’s PC launch has been plagued with issues from the start. There have been problems regarding drivers, download speeds from Steam, FPS hiccups while driving a car in-game, and so on. To add to the stress Rockstar has been under post launch, several users have now reported their accounts being hacked into and even modified.

Users have taken to the Rockstar forums for help, but have yet to hear a response from Rockstar themselves. According to one user, song414, “apparently 2,400+ PC GTA V accounts were compromised. It was an initial list of 198 that was leaked when my account was hacked and now another list of 2,200+ accounts was a day or so ago.”

Their accounts have also begun to allegedly be sold on the Multiplayer Game Hacking website for $15 a pop. The users complaining that they haven’t been able to log in to their accounts have claimed that the sharing site Pastebin was where their account credentials were leaked online.

Users are also taking to Reddit, complaining that Rockstar has done little to nothing in order to help them, with some of the initial hacked accounts occurring several days ago. The numbers, however, have quickly risen over the past several hours.

“One of the biggest problems is how they’re treating us when we ask for help,” Reddit user Styrofoam–Boots said. “Most modern companies who fix compromised accounts deal with these kinds of situations quickly and act like they give a shit, whereas Rockstar has made it clear to most of us that we just have to sit and wait until they feel like quickly checking that our accounts were accessed from unfamiliar IPs in Russia. The entire process could be reversed in ~30 minutes per person.”

Has your account been compromised? Let us know in the comments below regarding your experience with Rockstar and getting your account back.

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