Oculus VR, the company developing the exciting new Rift technology, along with a plethora interactive experiences to support it, have a dedicated studio working on film projects for the Rift headset. Oculus Story Studio recently premiered it’s new project to Hollywood filmmakers, and have now shared the adorable Henry with the public.

The studios second film, an animated short, follows the titular Henry, a lonesome but loveable hedgehog, as he assembles his missing friends for his birthday party.

Check out the first look below:

Oculus’ VR headset allows a hugely immersive viewing experience, allowing the viewer to control the first person camera intuitively with their head movements. Henry will actually look at you and address you, as if you were in the world with him, which, as you can imagine, greatly increases your connection and empathetic bond with the character.

Check out the studios website for a greater insight into both Henry and the innovations they’re developing, including some of the challenges faced when developing for VR and their other upcoming experiences in the world of film, games and art.

Henry, directed by Pixar’s Ramiro Lopez Dau, will be released alongside the Oculus Rift in early 2016.

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