Two days ago, Xenoblade Chronicles X was released in Japan and many fans went to Miiverse to share their gaming experience. Screenshots were posted showing off the monsters, landscapes, combat, and characters. One character stood out the most. That character is Lynlee, she is 13, but has a lack of clothing displayed.

The game allows players to customize the equipment and gear for all members of their party. You can change armor and outfits for each character. The Japanese players on Miiverse don’t seem to care about the 13-year-olds extremely revealing bikini. This is due to Japanese beliefs on sexuality, they different than from that of Western societies and children as young as 13 can legally consent to sexual activity in many parts of Japan. This explains why Lynlee can be dressed up in this way.

Its safe to say the Lynlee won’t be like this in the other versions of the game.  Nintendo of America can change her age to 18 or older and avoid any questions, or they can change her outfit to be more suited for her age.






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