A Minecraft player recently uploaded a video of a rollercoaster he and friends had spent 1095 days building. It’s so much more than just a simple rollercoaster, though: they built entire worlds around the ride.

In the video, you can find the lost city of Atlantis (which is a winner for us) before the ride tells the story of the fight between dragons of fire and ice.

I started Tempus over 3 years ago with two of my close friends as a small roller coaster project, we had no idea what we were getting into. The initial hill to the coaster and the GIANT parathanon was made completely in survival mode, it was fun; but creative mode really changed our outlook on the coaster. I decided that I wanted to create the best coaster that Minecraft 360 has ever seen. 1095 days later, this is the result. We worked hard over the course of the first two years, and off and on for the last year, as we reached a critical year in our education. Tempus is more than just a roller coaster, it’s an experience; both for the viewer to enjoy, and for us to create.

It’s really an incredible story to watch unfold. The video is best viewed in full screen.

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