Killbrite Studio has announced that the still relatively young and adorably terrifying horror ‘Among the Sleep’ will be released on Xbox One later this year.

The FPS indie horror game was released last year for PC, and involves you playing as a two year old child, stuck in the nightmare world with nothing other than your trusty teddy to help you – the teddy may well be your friend, but I still don’t trust those beady little eyes…

As far as atmosphere goes, they absolutely nailed the sound and creepy environment; there’s just something about seeing the world from such a different perspective that is truly scary. While you tackle the physical terrors this game has to offer, it has a deeper impact when you consider the real world implications. Things get pretty deep, if you look into it.

Among the Sleep is also expected to come out on PlayStation 4 and will be one of the games for Sony’s Morpheus VR headset.

Although there isn’t an exact date set, the game is due to be available on Xbox One later this year. As shown in the tweet below, the game’s success on PC and promise on other consoles leaves plenty to be celebrated, for this oddly charming indie horror.



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