Let’s face it, most of us want or have some kind of video game merchandise. You may have a figure or two, or you may have a closet that is overflowing with plushies. But either way, gaming toys and collectibles are great. Today I have a list of my favorite Nintendo toys.

10. Plushies are awesome, Rosalina is awesome, so of course a Rosalina plushie is amazing. This nine-inch plushie is incredibly soft. It’s officially licensed by Sanei and has an official tag attached to it. It’s only $22.40 and it would make a great gift or a nice treat for yourself.



9. Do you like Jenga? Then you might like Donkey Kong Jenga! This game comes with 54 black Jenga blocks feature the original donkey kong girders and four collectible Mario playing pieces and all for $19.21. This is a great time killer if you like the original Donkey Kong.


8. Baby Mario may not show up in most of the Mario games, but he is in a handful of them. Let’s face it, Baby Mario is adorable. This Baby Mario plush is soft, cute, and only $11.33. This cutie is also an officially licensed product.


7. Earthbound is an amazing game, and this Ness cork board art is perfect for any fan. This is the first item on my list that isn’t an official Nintendo product, but was instead made by a die-hard fan on Etsy. It’s $30.00 and was made by someone with the username BitBoard. It’s pretty impressive and would look great in any Earthbound fan’s house.


6. One of my favorite Pokemon characters of all time has to be Misty. So a Misty plushie is great! This is another Etsy creation by MeowAboutCrafts. While it’s a bit pricey for my taste, but it’s still amazing that someone made this. I hope someone has a spare $200 to buy this thing.


5. This Pokemon Center Nendoroid Original Red is so adorable, I almost died when I saw it. Yes, it is very expensive, and I envy everyone who owns it, but it is one thing I hope to own one day if I ever have $199.99 to blow.


4. These Animal Crossing figures are so cute! I’m sure any Animal Crossing fan would want them! I know I do. These figures are a rare Japan import, according to Amazon. $14.95 for a rare Japan import? Sold!


3.) I think most gamers know about amiibo. When amiibo was first announced, I thought it was nothing special, now I can’t stop wanting to collect them all. You can find amiibo online and at select retailers. If you’re an amiibo fan then know the pain of new and rare amiibo being sold out in minutes. There’s just something about amiibo that makes us want more, and if you’re like me you enjoy the aggravation of painting and customizing amiibo. Online I’ve seen some amiibo sell for $12-$45. It all depends on which amiibo it is. If it’s a Peach or Pikachu, it’ll most likely be $12-$14. If your eye is on Shulk or Pit, chances are that you’re looking at $30+. But let’s face it, amiibo are awesome.


2. I won’t lie, I really want this Mario shower curtain. It looks so cool and well made! This  shower curtain is 70″x72″ and is made of 100% polyester microfiber and it’s machine washable. The shower curtain is $24.51 and would look great in any gamers bathroom, especially if you want a Mario themed bathroom!



1. This Kirby themed Super Nintendo with matching controller must have taken so much time and dedication to finish. This is another fan made piece on Esty and was made by 8bitevolutiongaming. There is only one available for $250.00 USD. It is not stated if the console works, but hopefully it does if it costs that much. It has great detail and was made with high-quality paint. It’s perfect for any fan’s collections.


And that concludes my top 10 Nintendo collectibles. How did you feel about this list? Did I not list something that you love? Or did I add something that you’re not fond of? Let me know in the comments.

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