As of right now on Amazon UK, you can buy the GTA V PlayStation 4 bundle, The Witcher 3, plus 3 months of PlayStation plus for just £319.99. That’s roughly a little less than $500 in the United States. To recap, you get a brand new PlayStation 4, Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, and 3 months of PlayStation Plus. You are going to end up saving about $50 in the deal, so if you want a great system with a past game of the year and potential game of the year, now is the time.

Not to mention that PS Plus offers a great deal of free games every month, adding more value to the already exceptional deal. You can check the deal out here. This offer will last through the end of the month, so do not wait if you want to get a PS4. 2015 is looking promising for the console.

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