Microsoft changed everything for the better when they finally brought backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. So many excellent titles from the past that can now be enjoyed again, or maybe for the first time by some who missed it before. The latest two additions are a bit different from the rest.

It’s time for players to look at things from a different perspective on Xbox One. Both of the newly added backwards compatible games are 2D classics. First, Outland from Housemarque puts players in control of a reincarnated hero who must defeat the Sisters of Chaos. The title is not only beautiful, but also has expansive gameplay.

The second game added has a true sense of the word ‘classic.’ Gunstar Heroes was originally released for the Sega Genesis in 1993, but since it was later put on the Xbox Live Arcade, it was eligible as a backwards compatible title. This is the original run and gun game, action packed, and full of fun.

Both Outland and Gunstar Heroes have cooperative play, so get a buddy and take down some baddies now, on Xbox One.

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