This year, PC gamers were introduced to the Dead or Alive series, releasing its first title ever on the PC on March 30th. Titled Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Team Ninja’s latest iteration of the series promises a larger roster of fighters, more stages to fight in, and more dynamic backdrops. However, being a PC port done by Team Ninja, the game was buggy, glitchy, and had many day-one issues. Even with the “mixed” review on Steam and complaints of it’s poor port quality, that did nothing to stop Dead or Alive 5 from releasing a DLC pack just eight days after release.

The DLC pack, titled Tropical Paradise Costume & Movie Set DLC, comes with 54 new bikini costumes and 12 different movie costumes for your characters. Their asking price? $64.99 USD. They’ve also released a few other DLC’s, conservatively priced between $54.99 USD and $74.99 USD. All of these are purely costume packs and add nothing but aesthetics to a game selling at $39.99 USD with a still-unfinished online mode that has not been properly optimized for the PC.

How do you think Team Ninja is handling this situation? Do you think their prices are fair, or do you think the game is asking too much for getting too little? Sound off in the comments!