Defense Grid 2 is a tower defense game in which you are tasked with protecting valuable power cores from pesky aliens. Strategy and patience are key, learn the way your enemies think, how they behave and plan accordingly.

And thanks to the price drop it has just received, it’s even cheaper to do your bit for humanity. Available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, the regular edition is $14.99 and the special edition $19.99 at each platforms respective online store.

The first game, 2008’s Defense Grid: The Awakening, though highly rated did have a couple of issues picked up on by reviewers – namely the lack of multiplayer and level creator. Defense Grid 2 has gone some way to addressing these complaints with co-operative and competitive multiplayer included this time around. There is also a level creator, dubbed DG Architect, but it’s only included in the PC version through steam workshop.

Like the first, Defense Grid 2 generally received favourable reviews, so now may be a good time to check it out.

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