Welcome to the second week of Freebie Fridays. Due to the content of one game, I felt it was far too short and that you all deserve more than that, so for Freebie Fridays, I’m giving you TWO Freebies, a big double whammie! So let’s all begin on the addictive first choice, AdVenture Capitalist developed by Hyper Hippo

Do you like earning money? I’m sure we all do in some way or another, but how about some easy…virtual money. Let’s start off our virtual business tycoon adventure. Focus on making your lemonade stand, then buy more of those, eventually you could even buy and oil rig. Now the aim of this is to literally, and mindlessly earn as much money as possible, letting yourself click away at the icons to help you start earning that vital cash. You can even hire some managers for a fee so they can run your businesses for you, that way even when you’re off the game, you are continously earning money, it was a huge surprise for me to see I had made $400 billion, all that however was invested more into my businesses. It’s the perfect game for you twin screen users, just place it to one window, while another game is loading and just click away.

AdVenture Capitalist is available on many free game online websites, Steam, Google Play Store and Apple’s Appstore. It doesn’t take that much resources of your PC at all, so go for it! Give it a shot, it’s surprisingly addictive.


Now for your main feature for this week,  I give you FreeStyle2: Street Basketball developed and published by Joycity . For you sport fans and especially for you basketball fans, I give this a recommendation, even though the game itself is very casual in controls, extremely simple in the gameplay, it can get very competitive. The game itself is available on Steam, so it’s simple enough just click to buy and download away. I quite like the art style they brought to this game, and the music, if you’re a fan of Korean music, well you’ll love this, I do anyway, the beat gets me ‘Ballin’. You play as one person, you build them up and join two others to face another three in a game of B-ball. You can get yourself hyped up by watching the actual good players playing their Three vs Three matches then you’ll want to play yourself and see how good you actually are, or in my case, terrible. You can do all the lay-ups, three pointers, slamdunks, but then you’ll have all little extras like showing off to the crowd after you’ve scored, or push the opponent if they’re close.

As you level up, you earn more skills to use that you buy with your credits, the game reminds me back to the old school basketball games that are now a bit more advanced, it’s something I love and it’s worth playing, it’s free, so if you are on a budget, you can go here. There is a cash store, but really you don’t even need it, if you want to be awesome, this is the game to go play.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysgqoFfCG5w]

Come visit their website and show your support:


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