Star Wars Battlefront, while receiving mixed reviews, still has a healthy community, playing and taking down rebel scum every day. Battlefront was EA’s biggest digital launch ever and the biggest launch of Star Wars video game. Those who have stuck with the game are about to be rewarded with some great new content.

EA Brazil had released a video showing off some new DLC that would be coming by the end of the month. After being translated by WCCFTech it was reported to include a new Tatooine Map, outfits for Luke and Leia, private matches, and more. It is also said to not be part of the season pass, making it free DLC for everyone.

While this is great news, it should be noted that EA Brazil has removed the video since it was reported on. Was this a leak? Can we still expect all this content by the end of the month? I sure hope so. Star Wars Battlefront is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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