The CW has recently aired the first trailer for their new series Legends of Tomorrow and there is only one word to describe it:  epic.  The show will be set in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash and will star crossover characters from their respective shows. As of now, the official cast list consist of Wentworth Miller, Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Caity Lotz, Ciara Renee, Dominic Purcell, Falk Hentschel and Casper Crump as Vandal Savage.

The trailer itself reveals quite a lot about the plot line of Legends of Tomorrow.  As of now, it seems that the big bad Villain of the series is going to be the time travelling dictator, Vandal Savage.  He is being opposed by fellow time traveler Rip Hunter who assembles a Justice League-esque task force consisting of the White Canary and the Atom (both from Arrow), Firestorm, Heatwave and Captain Cold (The Flash),  Hawkgirl and Hawkman.  Hawkgirl (played by Ciara Renee) was briefly seen in season 1 finale of The Flash.

In regards to extremely diverse character list, showrunner Phil Klemmer stated, “I think the fun is in not managing them… Rip Hunter assembles this team, but he assemples a team of good guys, bad guys, mixed up people, and it’s like herding cats.”    As the team does consists of classic DC superheroes, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, and the villian-of-the-day baddies from The Flash, Heatwave and Captain Cold, it’ll be interesting to see how the mix comes together.

While we know that the Arrowverse is separate from the DC Expanded Universe the question of everyone’s mind is: How will this play up to the upcoming DC films, including Justice League?  Will the Legends of Tomorrow cast be apart of an Arrowverse Justice League?  Currently, nothing is certain.  What we do know is that there will be some crossover episodes for the new show airing on Arrow December 1.

Legends of Tomorrow air’s January 26.

You can watch the trailer here

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