The free-to-play juggernaut Warframe has just kicked off a two week long party for all of its players! Digital Extremes launched the Den of Kubrows Bonus Weeks for players on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A whole gambit of activities are on the table from now until May 26.

Log in now to recieve a free Kubrow Starter Kit. The starter kit is the key to letting you raise your own furry in-game companion. Kubrow are kind of like dogs except they lay eggs. According to the lore, they first served as companions and pets to the Orokin, and later as fiercely loyal guard animals for their elites.

Anyone that gets in on the Kubrow event will also get a Kubrow gene mixing kit for breeding their egg layers. Weapons will be up for grabs, too. A special 4-day Tactical Alert will be in effect, complete with a Wraith weapon as a reward.

It sounds like a serious party for the next 12 days, so jump in, grab your pup, and kill some punks.

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