For fans of video games, well done movie adaptions are few and far between. The idea of having the well known series, Assassin’s Creed, translated into a movie is a little more then daunting. With video games becoming one of the biggest entertainment industries in this moment in time, it can be hard when you let the fans down.

Assassin’s Creed, however, has a few promising things going for it. One of which is the talent of Michael Fassbender. He will be taking on the role of the main protagonist, who is a descendent in the Assassin lineage. The movie takes place during 15th century Spain.

Leaked images have shown up from the set of Assassin’s Creed, showing Michael Fassbender donned in a full Assassin’s outfit. posted the images on Facebook. (via Screenrant)

The pictures are not of the highest quality, with a non-professional set up snapping the photos as Fassbender roamed the set.

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