The Xbox 360 controller is the best video game controller of all time, at least by my experience. The original Xbox controller was ridiculously huge and the PlayStation ones have never satisfied for me.

Now, I’ve been thinking about getting an Xbox One for some time. Some of the really impressive games are starting to come out and I’ve watched the system improve and develop since launch. That’s not to mention the competitive price point which is the number one reason why I will choose it over the PS4. There’s currently a deal on for an Xbox One bundled with The Witcher 3 and Ori and the Blind Forest for just £300, which sounds pretty great.

Anyway, I’ve played on a PS4 a couple of times but not an Xbox One until yesterday. Playing on the PS4 at my friend’s house I was pretty comfortable with the controller. It felt like it fitted into my hand quite naturally. But playing on an Xbox One controller yesterday was quite the opposite.

There’s a number of things I don’t like about it – first off, it was the size. The controller felt too large for me and it’s just ergonomically bizarre with weird angles all over the place. The buttons felt worn but the main reason I had difficulty playing FIFA 15 was because of the bumpers. On my 360 controller the bumpers click in effortlessly – all they require is a light tap. On the Xbox One controller I had to really put pressure on the bumpers every time I needed to use them, which was often during a game on FIFA.

Obviously, playing on a friends console, the buttons are going to be slightly worn (he’s had the system for a year), but that doesn’t really convince me. I don’t want my controller feeling like that a year down the line. After doing some research I found that there are certain pressure points on the controller. Ok, maybe I need to get used to how to use the bumpers, but still, I can’t understand why Microsoft didn’t just replicate the perfect bumpers from the 360 controller.

Regardless, I hear a new Xbox One controller is in the works so here’s hoping that improves a few things, because otherwise I’m seriously considering resisting my purchase just because of the controller.

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